We DMRIPC are dedicated to consultancy, design, manufacture, supply, and installation of 3w to 300w Solar Panels , 1kW to 1MW Solar Power Plants , 100L to 5000L Solar Water Heaters, Solar street light, solar lanterns and all type of solar systems for home, business, schools, colleges, NGOs and industry. as well as from State Government we provide subsidy on solar systems as per rules of the Government.

DMRIPC is also one of the best consultancies Company for Solar Parks in India. We provide free of cost solar consultancy and design solar structure as per site requirements in our projects in the areas of Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, NCR including Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad Noida, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, and Arunachal. We also provide certification of BoM, PMC, and Advisory for Solar Parks including solar projects under the Solar Park Scheme, Defence Scheme, Rooftop Scheme, Manufacturing Scheme, Support to DISCOMs, Bundling Scheme and other solar related schemes of Government of India.

We have our Solar panels dealers and solar systems dealer network in the major States of India. Our team have a great technical beckground for counsultancy and commissioning of solar projects in any area and in any manner with best solution as we are authorized/member of Solar Energy Society of India, The Institution of Engineers of India, International Association of Engineers, International Council on Large Electric Systems, The Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Universal Association of Computer & Electronics Engineers, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, National Skill Development Corporation India, MSME, National Institute of Solar Energy, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India channel partner for solar projects.


It was in 2016 that Poonam set out to give wings to his idea of starting a clean energy company. As the sector was still nascent, one of the big challenges was to raise equity funding to kick-start the company’s first consultancy rooftop energy project. A young start-up team, under Poonam’s leadership, began working out and putting together a business plan and investor pitches.

  • After several rounds of meetings with various investors, the 'Dattatreya Maharaj Renewable Infra Project Consultancy Private Limited' i.e. DMRIPC (P) Ltd. team bagged the confidence and started a new way in 2017 to promote and support a range of environmentally friendly and renewable energy projects and initiatives within and outside India with the long-term view of making the world a carbon neutral community with the commitment and mission for sustainable development. To take this vision and mission forward team DMRIPC participating in different sectors with growth strategic, technology capabilities and diverse solutions.​

  • Since then, DMRIPC has achieved several milestones. Under Mrs. Poonam’s visionary leadership, the company attracted world-class talent to build high-quality projects and create a growth-oriented organization.


The company’s unique CSR program has earned it several awards and accolades and DMRIPC remains committed to improving the lives of people in and around the communities it operates in. Recently on Swachh Bharat Mission DMRIPC also participate in Swachhta Hi Seva' campaign of Government of India and organize various events on this campaign.


In its 1-2-years journey, DMRIPC has led the way in the clean energy space and is today a shining example of an entrepreneurial venture that scaled great heights to transform energy and empower India.